Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Indian Summer

          Today I rolled my lazy behind out of bed early enough to actually leave the house before the sun went down, and I am sooo glad I did.
     My poor dog was way overdue for a long walk, so we got in the car and took a five minute drive to our favorite spot to walk.
 I'm not sure why I love this place so much. I am not really a country girl, but there is something very peaceful about this place.

     I usually have it all to myself.

          And it has a lot of things to explore all in one place.

     I like to wander through the herb gardens to see what does well in this area.

     You probably can't tell from the picture but the scare from the last couple of years about all of the bees dying is probably over. They were everywhere.

      I have never seen so many bees in one place.

     No matter where we start, we always end up here.

     There is always a breeze blowing off of the water.

     And we usually catch sight of a barge or two.

     Today we just sat for a good half hour just listening to the water lap up against the dock.

     Then we walked along the shore looking for treasure.

     Mattie found hers

And I found mine.

It almost makes me forget that there is nothing worth while out here in southwest Jefferson County ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guest Blogger: Melanie Bowen


          Today I'm sharing my blog space with Melanie Bowen from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.  Although the blog was started for those with Mesothelioma, there is a lot of support and information that would benefit anyone dealing with a life changing illness.
     Enjoy Melanie's post, and then, click on the link at the bottom of the page to visit their website.

The Importance of Goals in Life

Writing down goals is one of the most important things that people can do to achieve what they want from life. You can pick up a piece of paper and a pen, journal, or create a blog to do this. No matter which way you choose, this can help you accomplish the big things in life that you always dreamed of. People recovering or struggling withmesothelioma, or any kind of cancer, sometimes have a hard time doing this. It might seem pointless or hopeless, even though this is not the case at all. Writing down your goals, dreams, aspirations, and ambitions can bring them one step closer to reality.

It is a good idea to start relatively small when beginning your dream journal. This means that you start with things that you can accomplish pretty easily on any given day. No matter your currentprognosis, choose an item that will make you happy and write it down. Think about the reasons why accomplishing this goal will make you happy. Choose things that are not necessarily hinged on your treatment, such as making someone laugh or talking with a child. Sometimes simple goals are better, as once you accomplish a few simple goals you will have more ambition to work towards accomplishing larger ones.

Think about some of the big things that you have always wanted to do in your life. See how it feels to make a list of some of them. Allow your mind to wander while you explore these dreams in your imagination. Write down every detail, even if you think it feels silly or strange. Doing this can help make you feel inspired, peaceful, and happy. Share these ideas with someone close to you or publish them online on a blog. This is a great way to get unstuck from the day-to-day feelings that you have associated with typical treatment.

How does journaling work? It allows you the opportunity to organize your thoughts and set small goals that are reachable. It isn't possible to climb a mountain in a day, and nether is it possible to achieve a large goal immediately. You have to make smaller goals that eventually lead you to the summit. This can be an inspirational way to look at the future, and to help keep your attitude positive regardless of what is happening in your life.

It is possible to attract good things to you by putting the energy out there to make them happen. This is another way that journaling helps you accomplish your dreams. You are voicing ideas that you might have never shared before due to fear or the belief that they were impossible goals.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The View From The Front Porch

          I don't spend as much time as I would like just sitting on my front porch. There always seems to be something that needs doing. As a matter of fact, when I went out on the porch tonight it wasn't just to sit a spell. Because of construction material blocking my back gate, I was taking an alternate route on my way to the garbage can when I saw this......

     Since I am easily distracted, I immediately dropped my garbage bag on the porch and went back in the house for my camera. I have tried several times to get the perfect full moon picture but is surprisingly, more difficult than I would have thought. Tonight I tried several different modes and took a couple dozen pictures and ended up with three, yes that's right, just three decent ones.

I like the detail of the surrounding branches and leaves on these two.

Oh, well. Enough stalling. The garbage is still on the porch and the kitchen is still not clean.
Till next time then.